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Miss Facebook Nigeria- Rosy Omeje

We were able to have a chat with the current Miss Facebook Nigeria - Rosy Omeje. Read up what she has to say.

Hi there, nice to meet you.

Same here.

So can we know you?
Name is Rosy Omeje from Nsukka, Enugu state. Born in Enugu, grew up in Kano, Sixth child, last girl in the family of 7.
Currently a student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. 

Tell us a little about your family
Like I said, we are seven kids with both parents still living. Four males and three females, of which I am the last. In my family, you are meant to do what is expected of you, anything contrary without good reasons is frowned upon. 

Whoa that is one big family. So how is life and growing up in a family where you have enough people competing for attention?
It was fun, literally the best thing that has happened to me. I would just say that I was placed in a creative and lovely family. A place where bad behaviors aren't treated lightly. Actually, we don’t compete for attention because we were all given maximum attention. 
So you are trying to say that the seven of you were given whatever it is you needed or asked for?
Yes, to an extent. The thing is the first set had already reached the age of demanding less when the second set reached the stage of demanding more, same thing with the last set. That is to say that my elder siblings were already leaving the house when the younger ones were just coming of age. So there wasn’t much of a competition.
That’s cool. So who inspires you?

My DAD! He is my inspiration, my mentor. He is the strict kind of guy who demands explanation about everything you do and reasons why you didn’t do certain things. My DAD can sit for hours ‘chatting’ with you. Even with his disciplinary measures, he was and is still fun to have around. With my DAD, there are no dull moments. Growing up with such a disciplinarian made me think I was hated in my own house, but now I see the reason for all the yelling and spanking, so when you think your parents hates you and wants to force you out of the house, just relax and watch out for what they are trying to save you from. 

While growing up what were your dreams and aspirations?
Hahaha! Most people know the answer to that. A regular kid while growing up is always thinking of being a doctor, but when you get to senior secondary and find yourself in the art or commerce department then you would switch your mind over to law or accountancy and vice-versa. But reality sets in when you find yourself going through the JAMB brochure. Everyone has different things in mind; there are some who get what they want but are not satisfied with it and there are others who don’t get what they want but feel like they have gotten it all, there is a problem if one is part of those who get the opportunity to study what they want but aren’t at peace with it. Some would just live with it; others would decide to keep searching. I am one of those who didn’t get what i wanted but feel like i have gotten it all. Most times when I sit down to think about what would have happened if I had gotten what I wanted, I realize that I would have lots of regrets. I am not saying that one shouldn’t pursue his dream but come to think of it; what if it’s something you may not have passion for or other people are making you imagine? It’s not about pursuing something you are good at; it’s about having passion for that, being at peace with it and getting satisfaction from it.
Have you ever thought of going into modeling?
Yeah. I have been nursing the idea since I realized I was taller than my peers. I found myself surfing the internet and searching for agencies, organizations or any group scouting for young aspiring models. Before I clocked sixteen, I had registered myself with a lot of modeling agencies both local, national, international and globally. At first my aim was to sit back, observe and learn what is being done, what is to be done, and what is expected of you when you become a model. Back then I had various collections of videos showing how to catwalk, stand and turn like a model; I always practiced cat walking in my spare time, I got so used to it that it started affecting my own way of walking. People would just stop me on the streets to say ‘are you aware that you are cat walking naturally?’ and I would ask them what they meant and they would ask me ‘is your Mum a model?’ and then I would laugh and take the compliment as a joke. But it became a problem when some of my friends started complaining; they would say ‘what is she even feeling like? Does she think she is the only one that knows how to do that stuff?’ I couldn’t help it; i tried to stop and correct it by watching my feet while walking to make sure they don’t cross, but I was only making things worse. I had to accept and live with it. So when someone says ‘I think your catwalk is inborn’ I would just laugh and say ‘that’s nice, but I think its nature’s gift to me’.
Have you ever gone for an audition?
Why? You haven’t found anyone that suits you?

Not really.
So why haven’t you gone for one? You seem like someone ready for anything.
Well, when I felt I had watched enough videos and learnt a lot about modeling I decided to give it a try just for the fun of it, I wasn’t even thinking of the crown.
I told my parents about it; my DAD bluntly said NO! He is one of those who feel that anyone going into that doesn’t have a nice future especially girls, and people would take her to come from a wayward and irresponsible home. I wouldn’t blame him because most things we hear about celebrities now are no longer pleasing to the ears, I believe he didn’t want me to end up like that. I was determined to try it out so I talked to my Mum; I told her the advantage and benefits accrued to it. She decided to talk to my DAD; he called me and was like ‘if things go wrong, you are on your own’.  Without delay, I rushed to pick a form for an upcoming contest I stumbled upon; which fell on my birthday. After the necessary payment and registration, I waited patiently for the day to come. But things began to fall apart when my parents had to travel for a wedding the same week the audition was coming up, leaving me and my younger brother at home. I almost ran mad when my Mum told me about it. I pleaded with her; I knew my pleas won’t yield anything because they had to attend the wedding. After lamenting I just had to forget it believing that the one meant for me would soon come.
Have you being involved in any online contest?
Uhmm, Yes. A handful of them.
Which ones?
I can’t remember them all. I only remember; Snapp Nigeria Facebook fan page, skyworld entertainment, African women, international models, stylmodels and a host of others.
You mentioned snapp Nigeria, can you tell us about it because we know snapp to be a drink?
Yes, me too. I think they just did it for fun, but the winners were given prices
After submitting your picture, you wait for it to be selected and uploaded on their page. Before my picture was even submitted, others have gotten lots of likes and shares. I couldn’t follow up quickly because my school work wasn’t light that semester, and it lasted only for a week, so I had to forget it.
How did you hear about Mr.  & Miss Facebook Nigeria?
I saw it online while surfing the internet.
And you decided to give it a try?
At first I didn’t want to; I knew I wouldn’t follow it up because school was in session. But when I realized it was the first of its kind I decided to go for it. Knowing that I was among the first to contest was enough to make me give it my best; even if I don’t win,

Judging from the previous statistics; you were ranking second, but towards the end of the contest you just blew up, what really happened?
My school went on holiday, that’s what happened.  
First, I took my time to watch other contestants. I selected the top three to know who I was competing with. I realized that the person ahead of me had gone very far. But I noticed something too; the contestants only focused on their Facebook posts, no one was interested in the website. Then I came up with a strategy; I read the voting instructions very well and I found out that votes on the website were also included and I decided to take advantage of that since the others weren’t putting efforts there.
Because it was during the holiday, I was able to convince my friends to vote for me on the website. To my greatest surprise, before long I had a lot of comments and votes on the website. A week before the end of the contest, some friends were going to my Facebook post from the website and I was able to get enough likes that put me ahead of the three people I had selected.
How did you feel when you were announced the winner?
To be honest I was shocked and overwhelmed. I didn’t prepare myself for it; when I saw the people I was competing with, I knew I was lost.
Congratulations! It was nice chatting with you.
Thanks. The pleasure is all mine.


  1. OMG! i so much luv dis girl

  2. dis z wat i call 'a humble girl'

  3. Rosy, Can i be your friend? add me on Facebook- Louis Gabriel


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